Thermo actuator VAO
Thermo actuator VAC

Thermo actuator VAO

Thermal actuators VAO is used in secondary heating and cooling systems.
The actuator is adapted to MMA's thermostatic valves with thread M28 * 1.5
(ex FVR, Evoflow or Flexkoppel).
VAO is regulated by room control center R41.
VAO is also available with connection M30 * 1.5 for other valves
make or underfloor heating distributor.

The thermostat actuator's characteristic is "on / off".
In the event of a power failure, the actuator NO opens.
The actuator is provided with operating position indication above the nut.
Red - closed
Black - open
The actuator is connected with the supplied cable attached to the underside of the actuator.

Max operating temperature 50
Material Plastic
Datasheet VAC/VAO Technical data sheet