Evosense ENTL
Evosense ENTL

Evosense ENTL

Evosense ENTL thermostat is used to regulate valves for heating and cooling in radiator systems, cooling systems and towel warmers.

ENTL is a self-acting thermostat adapted to MMA's valve range to provide the best possible room control. The thermostat has a setting and temperature sensor built together for placement on the valve, the sensor can then be removed and placed on the wall with a capillary tube. ENTL is available as standard 11-26 ° C.

The symbol * protects against frost damage in, for example, rooms that are not used.

ENTL fits on all MMA's valves and has a connection that is M28x1.5.

Max operating temperature 50
Connection dimension M28x1,5
Material Plastic
Standard colour White