Refurbishment Valve NAF/ AHA S69
Refurbishment Valve NAF/ AHA S69
Refurbishment TRV

Refurbishment Valve NAF/ AHA S69

RFA 03/04/05/06 replaces NAF / AHA S69 1 or 2 pipe valves bottom coupled. The valves can be controlled with a thermostat or handwheel M28x1.5.

RFA 03/04/05/06 has hidden preset under the packing box. Adjustment of 2-pipe system is done with key FN2. Distribution of the flow (1-pipe) between radiator and by-pass is made with FN2. Screw the number of turns specified in table radiator flow 1-pipe. The valve has a M22x1.5 or M18x1.5 connection to the pipe system. The connection to the radiator is M26x1.5. The return of the valve is closed with a spindle under the lid and inlet with thermostat or handwheel. When switched off, the bypass is not closed.

Max operating temperature 100
Connection dimension M28x1,5
Pressure rating PN10
Material Brass
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