Room thermostat 41
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Room thermostat 41

Room thermostat R41 is used to regulate heating and cooling in sequence. Together with an actuator the R41 can regulate cooling ceilings , fan coils, radiators etc. The room thermostat is CE-approved. Room regulator R41 has the following functions: On/Off outputs 24V. Heating- and cooling adapted to actuator VAC (NC). Possibility og mechanical limitation of the scale range. R41 is connected with a plint. Regulation area 18-24°C. The actuator performs a complete anti blocking cykle every 24 hours. Can be activated with S1. The room thermostats Pband can be changed 1-2 degress through S2

Max operating temperature °C 50
Material Plastic
Installation manual R41 Installation manual
Datasheet R41 Technical data sheet