Thermopanel V4 Ramo
Horizontal radiators

Thermopanel V4 Ramo

The most flexible radiator in the Nordics. ‘’Ramo’’ stands for design, the modern look of the product is defined by flat front panel with soft horizontal lines. The radiators’ appearance is aesthetic and modern which makes it a perfect choice for both renovation and new buildings. Delivered with the preinstalled valve insert Flamingo (FLA), which ensures accurate pre-setting and energy-efficient operation, top grate and side panels types 11-33 and wall brackets.

Faster installation and reduced risk of leaks, thanks to the integrated V4 valve coupler which is welded in a concealed position. You can connect the radiator from the side and from below. So flexible that it will fit almost any installation. 9 different connection configurations to the heating system are available.
The radiators simple exterior and hidden valve make them easy to keep clean and free of dust.

Max operating temperature °C 110
Standard EN442; EN10130
Connection dimension M22x1,5 c/c 40mm
Pressure rating PN10
Material Cold rolled steel
Standard colour White RAL 9016
Connections (ETIM) 88,11
Types 11; 21; 22; 33
Heights [mm] 300; 400; 500; 600
Widths [mm] 400; 700; 900; 1000; 1200; 1300; 1600; 1800; 2000; 2300; 2600; 3000

Bottom, left side connection ETIM 11.
Thanks to the V4 connctor left side connection is possible.

ETIM TP 2-11 Horizontal connection

Bottom, right side connection ETIM 88.
Thanks to the V4 connctor right side connection is possible.

ETIM TP-7-88 Horizontal connection

Thermopanel V4 Ramo panel radiator with integrated valve arrangement, type V4, provided with side panels and top grate. The radiator is delivered complete with brackets, bleed screw, 1/2" plug and insert Flamingo (FLA) for thermostat valve.

PTB.1 radiators PTB.11 panel radiators Thermopanel type TP Ramo Thermopanel type TP V4 provided with concealed integrated coupler with connection on the side and bottom, M22 connection C/C 40 mm (Swedish standard). The radiator is provided with designed Ramo front and factory installed Flamingo (FLA) valve insert. White RAL 9016 finish. Delivered with air vent, bottom plug, side panels and top grid types 11-33, as well as the necessary wall brackets of the type Monclac. Supplied in protective packaging with front protection that is removed at the time of the final cleaning. TPR XX-HLL Output group height, length (dm) Complementary text • Provided with TP Rak 4 • Provided with TP-Flex coupler • Provided with Quattro 2-pipe distributor • Provided with M30 design thermostat Panel radiator accessories • Floor stands • Lock bows for public buildings • ThermoAir supply air intake • Towel bar

Purmo radiators are warranted for a period of 10 years* from date of purchase against all manufacturing defects when they are used in normal conditions and for a heating system with hot water. The warranty does not apply to defects caused by installation or handling errors, misuse or factors external to the radiators, such as water quality or oxygen-permeable pipes.
Underfloor heating products and piping systems elements are warranted for a period of 10 years**.
* 6 years for galvanized radiators and 2 years for all electronic and electric components and spare parts sold separately (side covers, top grilles, plastic clips, plugs, air vents, fixing parts)
** 30 years for PexPenta pipes

10 year warranty