MaxiMix 15-60
Mixing units

MaxiMix 15-60

Purmo Shunt MaxiMix is adapted for systems of up to 280 m2 at 50 W/m2. MaxiMix 15-60 is designed to maintain a constant flow line temperature in low temperature systems for heating. The flow line temperature can be adjusted gradually between 20 and 70 °C with the help of a thermostat that can also be locked for a maximum limit. The flow line temperature can be read directly on the shunt. Purmo Shunt Maximix 15-60 is used in heating installations where the heat emittance takes place on one side with a high flow line temperature (e.g. radiator, air heater, etc.), and on the other side - by means of heating at a low temperature (e.g. wall or underfloor heating).

Pressure rating PN6
Material Several materials
Types Accessoire
Heights [mm] 270
Widths [mm] 232