PE-RT Penta
PE-RT Penta
Underfloor heating plastic pipes

PE-RT Penta

In addition to the pipe durability, the service life is also influenced by how manage mechanical stress. In both the harsh and demanding construction environment and while in operation, heat pipe from Purmo is installed with the goal of a long service life. All heat pipe from Purmo is subjected to quality inspection from independent testing institutions. The pipe conforms to established standards and regulations and offers maximum safety and service life, which are necessary for a floor heating system. The high quality makes it possible for us to offer a 10-year warranty for Purmo PE-RT Penta pipe.

Max operating temperature 70
Standard EN ISO 22391, DIN 4726
Pressure rating PN4
Material Plastic
Standard colour Natural

Purmo radiators are warranted for a period of 10 years* from date of purchase against all manufacturing defects when they are used in normal conditions and for a heating system with hot water. The warranty does not apply to defects caused by installation or handling errors, misuse or factors external to the radiators, such as water quality or oxygen-permeable pipes.
Underfloor heating products and piping systems elemnts are warranted for a period of 10 years**.
* 6 years for galvanized radiators and 2 years for all electronic and electric components and spare parts sold separately (side covers, top grilles, plastic clips, plugs, air vents, fixing parts)
** 30 years for PexPenta pipes

10 year warranty