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Easy transition to low temperature heating with the new Ulow-E heat pump radiator

The transition from standard heating systems to a (ultra-)low temperature systems is gaining more and more momentum. Fast, flexible and sustainable heating is the ultimate goal. When a modern boiler or heat pump is installed, an ultra-low radiator such as our Ulow-E2 helps to tick all those boxes. To allow for an even better tailoring of the heating system to the users’ needs, we are now expanding the Ulow range with our new Ulow-E heat pump radiator. This fan-assisted radiator can easily replace older radiators that need to be reassessed when the system temperatures drop and offers up to 60% more heat output thanks to its integrated fans.
Ulow-E heat pump radiator Purmo

Why choose a heat pump radiator?

Improving and future-proofing an existing heating system is a great way to reduce energy consumption and increase indoor climate comfort. Especially if a heat pump is installed, a big step is taken towards more sustainable heating. A heat pump works most efficiently with low system temperatures. A heat pump radiator such as Ulow-E2 or Ulow-E makes optimum use of the low flow temperatures and distributes the heat quickly. Moreover, Ulow-E can in most cases be connected to the existing pipes, which means no changes to the pipe network are required and the radiator can easily be installed while the building is occupied. A radiant heating solution, such as underfloor heating, is therefore not absolutely necessary.

Ulow-E: low temperature heat pump radiator

Just like Ulow-E2, Ulow-E is an ultra-low temperature panel radiator that is especially designed to be combined with a heat pump or condensing boiler. These modern heat sources work best with a low flow temperature. When the flow temperature drops below 45°C, the convective share of the heating is significantly reduced since the temperature differences between the radiator and the warming air leads to lower buoyancy forces. A low-temperature radiator or heat pump radiator such as Ulow-E uses integrated fans to support the convective heat dissipation. The fans automatically switch on at a return temperature of 28°C. This increases convection and creates a heat output that is up to 60% higher than a standard radiator. It also shortens heat-up times. All this allows for both lower temperature settings and reduced energy consumption, while still maintaining high comfort levels at all times.

Ulow-E can be considered as a streamlined, more basic version of Ulow-E2. Whereas Ulow-E2 is equipped with a boost modus and a summer breeze function that allows for cooling in combination with a heat pump, Ulow-E is the perfect alternative for a standard panel radiator in projects where only heating is required.

Ulow-E heat pump radiator for renovation projects

Ulow-E is a very interesting option for renovation projects as it can easily replace older radiators without having to change the pipe system.

Heat pump radiator for renovation projects

The Ulow-E heat pump radiator is a very interesting option for renovation projects. It can easily serve as a replacement for older Ventil and Compact radiators without having to change the pipe system. There are six possible connection options. The standard bottom right connection can conveniently be turned into a bottom left connection by rotating the radiator 180 degrees. On top of that, there are four options to install the radiator on existing pipes from the sides with a lateral or diagonal connection. Mounting brackets are included in the package.

Moreover, Ulow-E is operated solely by means of a thermostatic head, just like a standard panel radiator. This means that when old radiators are replaced by the Ulow-E heat pump radiator, there is no difference in use for the customer compared to their previous radiators.

A heat pump radiator for all settings

Given the large variety of buildings that need to improve their heating system, it was important for us to offer an all-round solution. Not only in terms of installation flexibility, but also in terms of usability and design. The Ulow-E heat pump radiator has a classic panel design so that it can easily be integrated in all room settings. Its compact dimensions ensure a space-saving installation without compromising its heat output. Moreover, the fans integrated in the centre of the radiator are whisper-quiet with only 25dB so there are no disturbing noises when the radiator is on. Finally, Ulow-E has an easy-to-reach cable switch so that the power can effortlessly be disconnected, for example at night in the bedroom or in summer time.

Download the Ulow-E brochure