Electric towel rails

Electric towel rails

Electric towel warmers put the style at the front and centre of a bathroom and or kitchen. Completely electric, they allow for easy installation and are aesthetically pleasing due to hidden connection mounts

Electric towel rails

If you’re looking for an efficient bathroom heating solution that works independently from your central heating system, an electric towel warmer is the perfect fit. It not only creates a comfortable radiant warmth but also preheats and dries your towels so that you can wrap yourself in a blissfully warm towel when you step out of the bath or shower.

Decorative and practical heating solution

Ranging from a single bar to ladder style towel rails and the Figuresse electric design radiators, there’s always an electric towel radiator that suits your style and streamlines your bathroom’s interior design. This way you can enjoy a versatile heating system that’s easy on the eyes and offers energy-efficient heating on a daily basis. On top of that, an electric towel rail will also help you to declutter your bathroom as you can easily leave your damp towels on the bathroom radiator to dry.

Easy installation

Just like other electric radiators, electric towel rails are very easy to install since they don’t require any plumbing work. An electrical connection is all you need to power the electrical bathroom radiator. This will ensure that the electric heating element can work its magic and you can easily boost the bathroom temperature whenever you want. The electronic thermostat will monitor the ambient temperature precisely to make sure the room is not overheated and valuable energy isn’t wasted.

Independent heating

Because an electric towel rail runs independently from the central heating system, it’s extremely easy to enjoy a comfortable and cosy warmth in the bathroom without having to heat the entire house. This also means that there’s no heat loss from the pipework or the boiler and you can just turn on the electric towel rail whenever you need it without having to worry about valuable energy being lost. The electric radiator will convert all the input energy into heat so that it’s 100% efficient at point of use.

Maximum comfort

Although it takes up little space, it’s clear that an electric towel rail makes the bathroom much more comfortable to use. It reaches the desired temperature quickly and ensures an energy-efficient and cost-effective use whenever it’s needed. In bathrooms designed to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of every day life, one of our electric design towel warmers is the perfect decorative element to add that finishing touch to the bathroom’s interior.