Control your heating software "Touch E3" on distance through laptop or smart phone

With Touch E3 heating software you can easily control the electronic oil-filled Yali radiators Digital, Parada, Ramo as well as Purmo underfloor heating and Ulow E2 devices.

Touch E3 helps to reduce heating costs by simply controlling the heat in the home. This means that you can keep a lower indoor temperature when you are away but at the same time have perfect heating comfort when you return home. Another feature is that you can now see your energy consumption for each room / zone via Touch E3 heating software.

For the CleverTouch Gen.2 app and browser view to work, software version 03.05 or later must be installed on your Touch E3. With the new version v305, the Touch E3 connects to a new more powerful server. This also requires you to download our new mobile app "CleverTouch Gen.2" You can also use your browser (Google Chrome or Firefox) at

When updating your Touch E3 heating software follow the manual.

CleverTouch smartphone

CleverTouch for smart phones

The CleverTouch Gen.2 app helps you raise and lower the indoor temperature from your smartphone. Available for iOS and Android systems. Download on Google Play or AppStore.

Control the heat from your laptop

Avoid coming to a cold home when you can easily control eg Yali Digital, Parada or Ramo remotely. When connected to a wireless system, these Yali models can be easily controlled via a browser in your laptop or smartphone. This heating software innovation means that you have extra security in controllable indoor comfort.
CleverTouch laptop