Our production

Limiting global warming to 1.5 °C is a challenge we must all rise to. For Purmo, this means, among other things, improving the way we make and deliver our products to enhance their performance and recyclability. It also means changing our manufacturing and working environments worldwide to make them cleaner and greener.

Our production

Our three commitments within production are:

  1. Emissions and energy
    We aim to achieve carbon neutrality in both our own greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1) and those of our supply chain (Scope 2 & 3). This goal applies to all our plants and operation sites.

  2. Resource efficiency and waste
    On top of finding ways to use fewer raw materials to make our products, we are pursuing circularity in our production processes. Furthermore, we are eliminating waste to landfill and reducing water consumption. In terms of packaging, we are switching to recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials wherever possible.

  3. Responsible sourcing
    By changing the way we source materials, such as steel, brass, plastic and packaging materials, we want to get a clean start for a greener production and delivery process. We are committed to a sustainable, responsible supply chain which respects our workers’ rights as well as reduces our carbon footprint.

Laser welding revolutionises energy consumption

Creative thinking by the local production leadership team in our plant in Meiningen (Germany) has led to remarkable improvements in sustainability and energy savings. A new approach to laser welding allows for daily energy savings of 700 kWh. In a five-day working week that's the same as the yearly energy consumption of a family home.

Laser welding Module Purmo Germany
Powdercoating booth system Purmo Group Gateshead

A more sustainable solution for powder coatings

At Purmo Group’s UK manufacturing site in Gateshead, sustainability was the key consideration when selecting a new powder-coating booth system. The new system is more energy efficient, uses less resources, and reduces the amount of waste going to landfill.

Our 10 commitments

We have set up these 10 commitments as our reference points along our journey to integrate sustainability in every part of our business.

Emissions and energy - Purmo Resource efficiency and waste - Purmo Responsible sourcing - Purmo Climate-smart choices - Purmo Circularity and end of life - Purmo
Diversity, equality and inclusion - Purmo Engagement at work - Purmo Employee upskilling - Purmo Health and safety - Purmo Community engagement - Purmo