Refurbishments insert AGA
Radiator Valve Inserts Refurbishment

Refurbishments insert AGA

The refurbishment inserts RNT / NIA replace the insert in 2-pipe and 1-pipe radiator manifolds made by AGA / Thermopanel 1970-1988. The replacement inputs RNT / NIA are regulated with a thermostat, thermal actuator or handwheel. AGA / Thermopanel's radiator coupling is characterized by a grey plastic steering wheel with wings or a grey transparent thermostat. The manifold has a blue or red tape on the inlet pipe. Refurbishment insert RNT has an exact presetting function hidden under the stuffing box, the presetting is done with a preset key FN by opening the number of revolutions from the closed valve acc the pressure drop diagram. NIA insert does not have presetting.

Max operating temperature 90
Connection dimension M28x1,5
Pressure rating PN10
Material Brass