Balancing valve Evobalance with drain valve
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Balancing valve Evobalance with drain valve

The low lead balancing valve Evobalance (M) is used to balance the fl ow in hot water circulation, heating-and cooling systems. Evobalance (M) has material that is approved to use in drinking water. High environmental class with ”Sunda hus” and BVD assessment class B. Evobalance (M) are dimensioned with nomogram, handwheel or online Applications on smartphones or on our website. Evobalance (M) shall be dimensioned at 50-80 % of maximum flow for the design flow. Minumum recommended differential pressure is 2 kPa. The hand wheel has digital reading which shows whole turns and tenth of a turn. The setting is shown in table format or can be calculated by using software on the website. Any setting can be locked to avoid tampering with the setting of the balancing value. An Allen key of 3 mm is used on the inner spindle to lock the setting. When the setting is locked the valve cannot be opened to a larger value but it can be closed for maintenance of the connected circuit. The pressure test ports are opened by unscrewing the lids. Differential pressure can be measured using a balancing instrument. Evobalance M is equipped with a drain. The drain is opened with a screwdriver. Mounting direction is clearly shown with an arrow on Evobalance (M)Evobalance (M) has internal threads

Max operating temperature °C 120
Pressure rating PN20
Material Brass