TP Straight 4
Valve tails and tail nuts

TP Straight 4

Thermopanel Rak 4 is a separate connector to achieve piping behind the radiator. The connector has a swiveling nut for connection to valve arrangement and external M22 x 1.5 thread for connection to heating system. Pipes with dimensions up to 18 mm can be used and the distance c / c pipe to the wall is 20 mm. Note! When mounting Straight 4 and 18 mm pipes require 6 mm spacer blocks. At the construction site, the piping to straight pipes is simplified between the radiators, which provides a quick and easy installation. Radiator connection and piping are located above the lower edge of the radiator for optimal space saving in height. Heat dissipation according to Thermopanel standard. Normal thermal expansion of piping systems shall be taken into account. Thermopanel's range of standard couplings can be used. NOTE - Free dimension between pipe and radiator does not allow space for joint of pipes or place for press sleeve. Radiators standard console must be used, extra distances are not needed.

Max operating temperature °C 90
Connection dimension M22x1,5
Pressure rating PN10
Material Brass