Design radiators

Design radiators

Today, design radiators are more than just functional appliances. They have become a creative element of interior design in their own right. Vertical radiators in particular are gaining strong popularity, with their finely profiled or flat fronts and wide choice of colours.

Modern design radiators perfectly combine function and design

The design radiators from Purmo combine the best of two worlds: stylish, trendy designs and comfortable, efficient heating performance. 

They feature stunning designs and creative accents that visually enhance any room, while offering practical benefits such as different connection variants, fast response times, and a high heat output. Many models are also available in a purely electric version.

Choose from a spectrum of trendy and classic colours

The modern design radiators come in a range of trendy and classic colours, including standard traffic white (RAL9016), other RAL colours, and sleek metallic finishes. Find the right radiator in our wide selection of horizontal designer radiators, vertical designer radiators or column radiators.

Assembling and installing your design radiator

When you install your new radiator, it’s important to follow the safety regulations and instructions. We recommend installing the radiator with the protective packaging still on in order to protect the radiator surface until all of the construction work is completed.

For installation, use only the supplied fixtures and accessories or those recommended by the manufacturer. It’s also important to check the condition of the wall where the radiator will be located before beginning installation.