Radiator valve Evoflow
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Radiator valve Evoflow

The thermostatic radiatorvalve Evoflow is used in heating, cooling and tap water systems. Evoflow can be used as a loose valve or mounted in manifolds. Evoflow is used together with a thermostatic head, actuator or a manual hand wheel. The thermostatic radiatorvalve Evoflow has an exact pre-setting function, placed under the stuffing box Evoflow are designed for modern installations and are ideal for systems with low energy consumption.Evoflow is manufactured in low lead brass for the least possible environmental impact. The thermostatic radiatorvalve has a linear characteristic in the work area forthermostats with a limited temperature range. The characteristic provides high precision regulation. Evoflow can handle high differential pressure before there is any risk of noise.

Max operating temperature °C 100
Connection dimension M28x1,5
Pressure rating PN10
Material Brass
Datasheet Evoflow ENG Technical data sheet