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Radiator valve FV

The FV valve is used togehter with a thermostatic head, actuator or manual wheel in heating and cooling systems. The FV valve can be otained mounted in manifolds. FV = Valve with pre-setting; FVR = Valve with pre-setting straight; FVV = Valve with pre-setting angel ; FVAV = Valve with pre-setting reverse angel. The FV valve series has an exact pre-setting function, placed under the stuffing box. Pre-setting can be carried out using the pre-setting key FN2 by opening a number of turns from closed valve in line with the pressure drop diagram. With the pre-setting tool FV5 the pre-setting is simplified. The valve is delivered with a grey protective cap, which denotes pre-setting. The protective cap may during installation be used as shut-off, and also during pre-setting to set nominal opening with thermostatic head mounted. Turn the cap to the bottom and open 3/4 turns. Valve FVR10, FVV10, FVAV10, FVR15, FVV15 and FVAV 15 are approved under EN215 in combination with Evosense.

Max operating temperature °C 100
Connection dimension M28x1,5
Pressure rating PN10
Material Brass
Installation manual FV radiator valve Installation manual
Datasheet FVR/FVV/FVAV Technical data sheet