Our people & communities

We attach great importance to the well-being of our people and our communities. They are at the heart of how we run our business. Taking into account local needs, we aim to generate a genuine social and environmental impact.

Our people and communities

Purmo is more than the products we produce and the indoor climate solutions we offer. Purmo is also about the people who keep our company up and running every day. That’s why we’re asking our people to commit to sustainability solutions in all areas of their work. In return, we commit to them, for their prospects, well-being and happiness.

We are also a part of the communities in which we operate and where our solutions are provided. We care about those communities and actively support them by dedicating our time, products and services.

These are our 5 commitments to our people and our comunities worldwide:

  1. Diversity, equality and inclusion
    At Purmo we believe that a healthy business is both diverse and inclusive. That’s why we’re actively increasing the number of women in our senior management positions, bridging and eliminating pay gaps and creating a discrimination-free working culture.

  2. Engagement at work
    Employee input and involvement has enabled us to implement programmes focused on internal communication and feedback, learning and development, and health and wellbeing. We are continuously measuring employee engagement to ensure a healthy collaboration between all job levels and a sense of belonging.

  3. Employee upskilling
    To achieve our ambitions, our workforce needs to be future-fit and sufficiently trained. Therefore, all staff are attending relevant upskilling and reskilling programmes. In addition, we have created a Sustainability Ideas Challenge to harness the knowledge and insight of our staff to generate sustainability-related ideas of all kinds from across the business.

  4. Health and safety
    Although we are well aware that manufacturing plants have a higher risk of accidents, we have a groupwide zero-accident target. Our health and safety strategy is based on a compliance-first approach to protect our people. Our training is ongoing, and our monitoring and reporting system tracks safety incidents and observations closely to ensure it’s constantly top of mind.

  5. Community engagement
    Energy poverty prevents many people from enjoying indoor climate comfort. We support the most vulnerable people in the areas where we operate so that they can become more climate resilient. We do so by donating our time as well as the products and services that can do the most good. On top of that, we engage in targeted levels of volunteering and charity work.

Our 10 commitments

We have set up these 10 commitments as our reference points along our journey to integrate sustainability in every part of our business.

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Diversity, equality and inclusion - Purmo Engagement at work - Purmo Employee upskilling - Purmo Health and safety - Purmo Community engagement - Purmo