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Working together on a green future: tree planting action in Poland

Our commitment to a more sustainable future goes beyond our production and environmental credentials. We also attach great importance to the well-being and future prospects of our people and our communities. In this regard, employees of Purmo Group Poland were happy to support a local tree planting initiative organised by the largest authorised local distributor Onninen, a company that actively promotes sustainability and sets up CSR actions every year. Several of our people rolled up their sleeves and worked towards a literally greener future.
green future tree planting action Purmo Poland

Greener future: planting over 3,000 oak seedlings

On a Saturday in late October, a group of several dozen people, made up of Onninen employees as well as representatives from various producers, including marketing and sales colleagues from Purmo Group Poland, devoted their free time to plant over 3,000 oak seedlings under the watchful eye of foresters. The action took place in a forestry district near Łódź, a city in central Poland.

None of the participants were bothered by the occasional drizzle that day. The general mood was great and the work, supported by expert advice and guidance from professionals, was fully accomplished. We hope that in such favourable conditions the new seedlings will quickly take root and form part of a forest on as much as 1 hectare in the near future.

Tree planting with Purmo Poland for a green future

Actively supporting initiatives for a green future

Purmo Group and its local branches continue to actively support interesting initiatives related to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. In the last two years our colleagues at Purmo Group Poland, for example, have participated in various actions, including a nationwide blood donation campaign, the promotion of replacing disposable bags at wholesalers with reusable bags and the promotion of e-invoices combined with a tree planting action.

This tree planting action was a great joint effort by our partner Onninen and the Purmo Group Poland employees. We are proud of their contribution to building a better future for the next generations and look forward to seeing a beautiful new forest grow.

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We helped to plant over 3,000 trees. Paula Bear. Because we care

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