Electric design radiators

Electric design radiators

Our range of Design Electric Radiators will complement the décor of any environment they are placed. Designed with an eye on aesthetics and detail, the radiators are filled with environmentally friendly oil or water. Due to the preservative properties, a uniform circulation occurs which in turn creates a natural heat based on radiation and convection, which does not dry out the air.

Like all electric radiators, electric design radiators also meet the most stringent standards. Not only do they provide you with comfortable radiant heat, they also have a 10-year leakage guarantee and a two-year electronics warranty. The design radiators are available in 70 different colours.

Electric design radiators

Electric design radiators are the perfect combination of high-precision heating and attractive styling. They easily fit in modern as well as more traditional interiors and are stylish but not overly ornate so that they blend in smoothly. Take your pick from a range of vertical and horizontal electric design radiators and complement your interior with both the model and colour that are a perfect match for your style.

Creative accent

Just like regular electric radiators, electric design radiators allow for energy-efficient and highly controllable heating. They just come in a range of different styles and designs that create an added value for your interior. Whether you prefer the retro design of the EPOK radiators, the clean distinct lines of the Langila or the sharp lining of the Tamari radiators, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for among the various electric radiators that are available in a diverse range of colours.

Horizontal and vertical radiators

Because our electric design radiators come in both vertical and horizontal orientations, it’s easy to find the radiator that perfectly fits the layout of the room. While horizontal radiators are ideal for both long and low walls and can easily be positioned below a window or a mirror, vertical radiators are great for smaller rooms that don’t have as much available wall space. They allow you to save space without compromising on style and heating efficiency.

Detailed heating

Although their attractive design is the first thing that meets the eye when you look at our electric design radiators, you can rest assured that they are every bit as efficient as our conventional electric radiators. The accurate electronic thermostat allows for a very precise temperature control so that you can heat every room energy-efficiently, avoid overheating and minimise running costs. In addition, the thermostat is operated wirelessly with a digital remote control, enabling you to programme the radiator in multiple positions and control one or more electric design radiators in a room with a single remote control.