Bypass valve EDR
Differential Pressure Control Valves

Bypass valve EDR

Bypassvalve EDR, Opens when the pressure rises at the valve. When pressure is rising eg. when several valves are closing in the system. The EDR valve opens and give flow back to the pump. That will lower the pressure over the remaining open valves in the system. EDR valve have a hidden presetting under the cap. Every turn "n" will let flow pass at a coresponding differential value. The valve have a internal spring for differential value of 10-60 kPa and and can be changed to a spring of a value of 0-20 kPa that is enclosed in delivery.

Max operating temperature °C 120
Connection dimension 2 x G 3/4 + 4 x G 1/2; 230V
Pressure rating PN10
Material Brass