Electric radiators

Electric radiators

Electric radiators are oil-filled or liquid-filled and emit a soft radiator heat. Thanks to an effective electronic thermostat temperature is kept balanced. Our electric radiator range caters for all tastes and requirements, and includes a classic panel radiator range as well as designer options, towel warmers, convectors and radiant panels. All our electric radiators comply with the ECO Design Directive.

Electric radiators

Electric radiators are a highly efficient and user-friendly heating solution. They’re easy to install and convert all of the supplied energy into a long-lasting radiant heat that’s absorbed by their surroundings. As an alternative to hydronic radiators, electric radiators can be used to heat an entire building, but are most often used for single room heating to create heat when and where it’s needed the most.

Accurate electric radiators

As electric radiators feature a precision digital thermostat, they are easily programmable and can carefully monitor the room temperature. Whenever it becomes too hot or cold, the radiator reacts immediately, resulting in a constant and comfortable ambient temperature as well as an optimal energy use. Our electric radiators all comply with the ECO Design directive to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. To his end they are, for example, equipped with an electronic thermostat with an accuracy of 0.2 °C to prevent overheating and needless energy consumption. On top of that, electric radiators don’t require any pipework, which not only speeds up their installation, but also means there is no heat loss from the boiler or the pipes and reaction times are blazing fast.

Efficiency ensured

Because electric radiators aren’t dependant on a central heating system, it’s easy to control each radiator separately. This allows for an efficient heating where and when it’s needed. In the bathroom, for example, you can simply turn on the electric towel rail when you’re planning to take a shower or a bath and turn it off when you’re done, rather than leaving it on all the time. Moreover, thanks to their independency from an entire system, electric radiators are very easy to maintain. The radiator is a single unit that is easily accessible in case it needs to be repaired or maintained.

Changing times

Electric radiators are also particularly future proof as they run equally well on electricity generated from fossil fuels and from sustainable resources. Since fossil fuels are becoming scarcer, renewable energy will become the dominant energy source and electric radiators can provide an easily adaptable heating option that stands the test of time. In addition, when you’re able to power your electric radiators with self-generated electricity from solar panels, you’ll not only make a sustainable choice but can also enjoy a comfortable indoor climate free of charge.

From classic to design radiators

Ranging from a classic panel radiator to various designer options, electric radiators are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. This ensures that the electric radiator doesn’t become an eyesore but really blends in and compliments the room where it’s installed. So, whether it’s a standard white radiator or one of our electric design radiators that are available in 70 different colours, you’ll always be sure that your radiator is the perfect addition to the interior style you want to create.