Yali Parada
Oil filled radiators

Yali Parada

Yali Parada is an oil-filled electric radiator. Yali Parada is a completely flat front panel and matches all types of modern furnishings. Yali Parada has the same smart features as Yali Digital with open window function and an electronic thermostat. The radiator can be used in combination with the Touch E3 touchscreen and can be operated remotely with a mobile phone app or from a computer via wireless communication and a local WiFi router. Connection to cable-bound or wireless systems is possible. It is also equipped with sequential control, a smart function that makes the rear panel begin to operate when the temperature is 1 degree below the adjusted value.

Material Cold rolled steel
Standard colour White RAL 9016
Accessories • Connection cable for plug connection (230 V). The central temperature lowering option/slave coupling is not possible with this accessory. • IP spray-resistant guard for upgrade to IP 44 • Touch E3 touchscreen
Types 11; 21
Heights [mm] 300; 500
Widths [mm] 400; 500; 550; 650; 800; 950; 1000; 1050; 1100; 1250; 1300; 1500; 1600; 2000
Thermostat Advanced digital thermostat with precise control. The surface temperature can be lowered to 75˚C or 60˚C. Temperature levels 75˚C and 60˚C lower the output of the radiator to 70% and 55% for a single radiator and 90% and 80% for a double radiator. Adaptive start with timer function. Weekly programme individually adjusted in each radiator. However, LVI recommends a central external clock or Touch E3 when a weekly programme is needed. Sequential temperature control of front and rear panel. Open window function. Lockable thermostat unit. Thermostat housing manufactured from self-extinguishing and UV-resistant plastic ABS-PC V0. Temperature reduction is activated manually or via a central fitting and separate N-line. A 'plug-in contact' is installed on the radiator for interconnection of radiator and accompanying wall outlet. Compatible with master/slave coupling (max 10 slaves, only applies to Yali C/D/P/R)

Monclac wall brackets and screws for fixed installation are included.

CE certificate