Join us on the road to a sustainable future

At Purmo we’re on a journey to a better future. Our future, your future and our planet’s future. We believe that our product range, our expertise and our determination put us in a unique position to make a difference. That’s why we integrate sustainability in every part of our business. It has become part of our company DNA so that together with our stakeholders we can make things happen.

We have a clear sustainability strategy, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement. To make change happen and ensure it's rapid, continuous and meaningful, we've set up a clear roadmap. This will guide us towards a sustainable future via touchpoint goals in 4 focus areas: our production, our solutions, our people and our communities. Within these areas our ambitions are linked to 10 commitments, which in turn are associated to well-designed actions and projects.

Our production - Purmo

We constantly strive to improve our production and delivery processes with a focus on performance and sustainability.

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Our solutions - Purmo

We drive the market with environmentally friendly heating and cooling solutions that are easy to integrate.

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Our people and communities - Purmo

We attach great importance to the well-being of our people and our communities. They are at the heart of how we run our business.

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Sustainability case studies - Purmo

Take a look at our sustainability case studies and find out how Purmo has impacted a great variety of projects.

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EPD and EcoVadis - Purmo

We’re putting forward our environmental credentials such as EPDs and EcoVadis ratings.

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We believe - Purmo

Learn more about our journey towards a better future in our annual sustainability report.

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Our 10 commitments

We have set up these 10 commitments as our reference points along our journey to integrate sustainability in every part of our business.

Emissions and energy - Purmo Resource efficiency and waste - Purmo Responsible sourcing - Purmo Climate-smart choices - Purmo Circularity and end of life - Purmo
Diversity, equality and inclusion - Purmo Engagement at work - Purmo Employee upskilling - Purmo Health and safety - Purmo Community engagement - Purmo