Towelwarmer valves RFA38
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Towelwarmer valves RFA38

The RFA 38/VBB is used in radiators, convectors and towel dryers. NOTE - Do not use in HVAC systems.
The valves can be regulated with a thermostatic head or a M28x1,5 handwheel. The RFA 38 has a concealed pre-setting function in the stuffing box. Pre-setting of the 2-pipe system can be carried out using an FN2 key or the FV5 pre-setting tool.
The valve is connected to the pipe system using an M22x1.5 connection. The valve tail has an R1/2” connection to the radiator. The valve is supplied as a 2-pipe valve but is can be changed into a 1-pipe system. Remove the blue plastic plug from the bypass valve and unscrew the spindle using a 2.5 mm Allen key.The bypass valve is used to balance the flow between the radiator and the bypass. The valve’s return is closed using a 2.5 mm Allen key and the inlet is closed using the thermostatic head or
the handwheel. The bypass is not closed.

Max operating temperature 100
Connection dimension M28x1,5
Pressure rating PN10
Material Brass