Convectors offer the most efficient form of compact heating solutions.
Building with open plan floor space and large window areas set specific demands on heating and heat retention as there are less surface areas to install heat sources. Convectors are the optimal solution, with multiple small, efficient and elegantly design model options, our convector range offer great opportunities in flexible solutions able to meet large heating demands.

About convectors

An architecture with open floor plans and large windows places special demands on the location of the radiators. With ever narrower wall surfaces due to full length windows, floor-mounted convectors offer the perfect solution.
They are designed with both high heat dissipation and low overall installation height in mind. In rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, however, underfloor convectors are also used. This means that light penetration is hardly impaired or not at all, which allows you to bring more light into the interior and improve living quality.

Convectors – impressive heat output

Due to the range of different designs, dimensions and colours, it is possible to create the right product for almost any installation situation and architecture. The extensive range of accessories facilitates flexible installation in the floor, on the wall or on (un)finished floors. The decorative cover, side panels and roller grilles also ensure an aesthetically appealing look.

Fan convectors – an innovative solution for heating and cooling

Today there are fan-assisted convectors that are able to operate in temperatures below 45 °C. Fan convectors are an ideal solution for heating and cooling in combination with reversible heat pumps. Thanks to their sophisticated and precise control, fan convectors ensure a comfortable indoor climate all year round. The fan convectors are designed to reduce noise levels to a minimum. Indeed, the latest generation of fan convectors is one of the quietest units on the market. Due to the very low water content, the fan convector can react very quickly to temperature fluctuations and work efficiently. Its compact housing makes mounting and installation quick and easy.