Thermostatic Head


Evosense is a self-actuated adjustable thermostat to provide the best possible regulation of room temperatures. The set value is shown in a window on the thermostat, with a standard range of 0-28°C, but can be delivered from the factory with a higher or lower threshold. The symbol * protects against frost damage in rooms that are not used frequently. The valve for flow is closed when the thermostat is set to 0. For service/maintenance, we recommend plugging the connecting line. MMA's designations relate to closing temperatures when the thermostat is closed completely. The room temperature becomes approx. 2°C lower. Evosense fits on all MMA valves and has a connection that is M28x1.5; for valves from other manufacturers, there is also an M30x1.5 connection available.

Standard EN215
Connection dimension M28 and M30
Material Plastic

CE certificate

Installation and use instructions Evosense Public Installation manual
Installation manual Evosense Installation manual
Datasheet Evosense Technical data sheet