Underfloor heating tips

Underfloor heating is a popular and growing form of heating. The unique thing about Purmo's underfloor heating is that it can easily be connected to the same pipe system that heats radiators. Purmo is happy to recommend a combination solution with underfloor heating and radiators. We are happy to share some of our underfloor heating tips!

Underfloor heating is perfect for bathrooms and wet areas, where the floor needs to dry up quickly. Underfloor heating also gives a nice feeling under the feet. For best results and most energy-efficient heating, always choose the best of two heat sources. Therefore, choose underfloor heating with the radiators you have chosen.

Purmo has over 50 years of experience in underfloor heating. This means that we can offer the most suitable system for your specific needs. When Purmo's underfloor heating experts work with your heating system, they recommend and provide the perfect system for your project. Once installed, each system has a 10-year guarantee that gives you peace of mind and together with the newly acquired comfort you can enjoy our underfloor heating products.