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EPD certificates available for our steel panel radiators and underfloor heating pipes

Helping our customers to make climate-smart choices is one of our 10 sustainability commitments. By providing access to clear information about our products and their lifetime environmental impact we aim to create more transparency and help HVAC professionals worldwide to meet their sustainability ambitions. We are happy that we can now reinforce our commitment with EPD certificates for our 33 mm steel panel radiators, PE-RT and PE-Xc pipes.
epd certificate for steel panel radiators and underfloor heating pipes

Environmental product declarations for Purmo Group products

Using specialised software to make reliable life-cycle assessment calculations, we were able to accelerate the process of developing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for various types of products. These are EN EPDs of the type cradle-to-gate with options and end of life in accordance with EN 15804+A2 & ISO 14025 / ISO 21930 standards.

“Our goal is to openly share information with our customers in order to help them make informed, conscious choices. As a leading supplier of indoor climate comfort solutions, we consider it our responsibility to help create greener buildings and reduce our collective footprint. A goal that can only be achieved if we get the fundamentals right and are aware of the impact each individual element has”, says Sam Hodlin, Head of Sustainability at Purmo Group. “With these new and future EPDs we are able to meet our customers’ growing demand for environmental certificates and provide environmental life cycle performance data in a verified and standardised form.”

Purmo Group EPD certificates are available for download in the EPD Hub library.

Why are EPD certificates so important?

The environmental impact of products is becoming more and more important for European policies and is often a significant factor in the buyer decision process. Since EPDs provide this information in a clear manner, they are increasingly in demand. Especially because they offer important benefits such as:

  • transparency: ranging from the raw materials used to create products, to transportation and packaging, an EPD shows the environmental impact of a product across its full lifecycle. The certificate gives a complete view on important data and provides transparent information that helps to make informed choices with a view to sustainability. This information is verified by an accredited third-party certification body and publicly available at all times.
  • reassurance: EPD certificates prove our commitment towards sustainability. They show we are making every effort to deliver on our promises and are serious about generating impact together with our stakeholders. Moreover, by measuring the environmental impact of our products, we gain valuable information that we can then use to further reduce their footprint. So our customers can rest assured that we are going all out to minimise the impact of our products.
  • valuable data: the availability of data across the value chain is more important than ever. With EPD certificates it becomes much easier for our customers to secure the data they need to meet their sustainability goals. Calculations for new build and renovation projects, for example, become easier and more accurate, which in turn helps to create greener building designs.


EPD certificates for steel panel radiators

End of March our Environmental Product Declaration for steel panel radiators was published to the delight of the Purmo experts engaged in this project. “It has been a long and educational process in terms of data collection but I am very happy that our efforts paid off and we are now able to provide our customers with transparent data.”, says Roman Strzelczyk, Global Product Manager - Panel Radiators at Purmo Group. “By covering the product stage, the assembly stage and the end of life stage, our EPD certificate provides a complete representation of the product impact.”

The current EPD covers all 33 mm steel panel radiators that are available under the brands Purmo, Radson & Thermopanel. Regardless of the type or dimensions you need, you can easily calculate the impact of a specific panel radiator by multiplying its weight by the 1 kg declared unit in the EPD.

Download the steel panel radiator EPD

EPD certificates for underfloor heating pipes

Mid-May we added two more EPDs to the list: one for PE-RT pipes and one for PE-Xc pipes. Both are high-quality pipes mainly used for heating applications. They are also approved for installations for hot and cold water distribution in households.

Depending on customer requirements, we produce both types of pipe in a wide variety of designs, dimensions, colours and structures. The EPDs now make it much easier to estimate the possible impact of using these pipes on the overall sustainability of a building.

Download the PE-RT pipe EPD

Download the PE-Xc pipe EPD

Should you have any questions about our EPD certificates or the sustainability of our various products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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