Radiator manifold Flex
Thermostatic Valve Combi Heating

Radiator manifold Flex

The Flex radiator manifold is available in ready-cut lengths to suit most radiators on the market with 10 or 15 connections. The radiator manifold is regulated with a thermostatic head, thermal actuator or handwheel. Flex consists of a thermostatic radiator vale, spacer pipe and a diverter. The Flex manifold is available in two designs: VRVM FA 2-pipe and VRVM FEA 1-pipe. The thermostatic radiator valve offers a very precise pre-setting feature concealed in the stuffing box. Pre-setting is carried out with the FN2 pre-setting key by opening a number of turns from closed valve in line with the pressure drop diagram. Setting is made easier using the FV5 pre-setting tool. The valve is supplied with a grey protective cap to indicate pre-setting. The protective cap can be used to close the radiator during the construction stage. When balancing, a nominal opening of 2°K should be set by first screwing the protective cap all the way to the bottom and then opening it three quarters of a turn. The Flex radiator manifold can be connected to the heating system both from the side and from the bottom and has a rotatable manifold allowing it to be twisted outwards. The Flex radiator manifold can also be fitted upside down. The diverter can be closed under the cap. The thermostatic head must be closed to be able to close a radiator with a 1-pipe diverter. Note! It is not possible to close a side-fitted 1-pipe diverter.

Max operating temperature °C 90
Connection dimension M22x1,5 c/c 40mm
Pressure rating PN10
Material Brass
Product datasheet Flex Radiator manifold Technical data sheet
Installationmanual FLEX radiator manifold Installation manual