Aquilo F4C
Trench Fan Convectors

Aquilo F4C

Aquilo F4C trench convectors are especially designed for the in-floor installation, and can be used for either heating and/or cooling. The heating or cooling element is a double-loop copper-aluminum heat exchanger, painted black, mounted inside a duct made of unpainted stainless steel. Aquilo F4C convectors are additionally equipped with noiseless centrifugal fans mounted inside the duct. The number of fans is determined by the length of the convector and the required heat output. The fans are driven by 24V motors. On the top the convector is protected by a range of decorative grilles made of a choice of different materials. The grille is ordered separately. Grille material: only duralumin grilles can be used in the following choice of colours: natural, light brown, dark brown or black. The heat exchanger is connected to the heating and cooling systems by four G ½” internal thread pipes. Electrical accessories required to complete the installation and to be ordered separately include manual switch, or a room thermostat with a manual or automatic speed switch, to regulate the convector’s heating or cooling efficiency via a three-level setting of the fan’s speed (the remote- controlled thermostat available). Note: It is strictly forbidden to power the F4C convector directly from the ~230 V electric circuit. The application of an adequate RAS transformer is a must. Warranty: 10 years and 2 years for electric and electronics parts

Max operating temperature °C 110
Standard EN 16430
Connection dimension 4 x G 1/2
Pressure rating PN10
Material Several materials
Standard colour Natural
Types F4C
Heights [mm] 170
Widths [mm] 850; 1200; 1600; 2100; 2400; 2700

Purmo radiators are warranted for a period of 10 years* from date of purchase against all manufacturing defects when they are used in normal conditions and for a heating system with hot water. The warranty does not apply to defects caused by installation or handling errors, misuse or factors external to the radiators, such as water quality or oxygen-permeable pipes.
Underfloor heating products and piping systems elements are warranted for a period of 10 years**.
* 6 years for galvanized radiators and 2 years for all electronic and electric components and spare parts sold separately (side covers, top grilles, plastic clips, plugs, air vents, fixing parts)
** 30 years for PexPenta pipes

10 year warranty

CE certificate

Heat output calculation in xls for Aquilo Heat Output
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