Athena E CH
Electric towel rails

Athena E CH

If you find clean, geometric shapes appealing, you should choose Athena E CH. The curved shapes contrast with the straight angles and provide a visual effect without invading the space. The Athena E CH towel warmer offers numerous alternative solutions. It is reversible and you can install it upside down or pivoted to the right or left. The concealed connection enables a concealed fixed installation or the accompanying cable can be used to plug Athena E CH into an electrical outlet. Athena E is slightly larger than Athena A CH. Athena E CH at the push of a button on the power switch. Chrome.

Material Steel profile
Standard colour Chrome
Types ATH E P CH
Heights [mm] 644
Widths [mm] 483
Thermostat Two-pole On/Off switch. Easy to install. You can choose if you want the switch at the top or bottom during installation. Choose between a concealed or visible connection. Towel warmer with heating cable for fixed installation, illuminated switch and concealed screw holes. Can be installed with concealed connection and with connection box at the top or bottom, right-hand or left-hand side.

Delivered with a 1.5 m connection cable with plug connector and necessary screws for fixed installation.

2 years warranty for all electronic and electric components and spare parts sold separately (side covers, top grilles, plastic clips, plugs, air vents, fixing parts)

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CE certificate

Installation and operating manual for Athena A, Athena E and Athena S Installation manual
Data Sheet Technical data sheet