Refurbishment inserts TA/RVE/RVE-S
Radiator Valve Inserts Refurbishment

Refurbishment inserts TA/RVE/RVE-S

Replacement insert 21 E replaces the insert in one-door valves of TA's RVE-15 and RVE S-15. The replacement insert is controlled with a thermostat or handwheel. TA valve design with valve body shape with text RVE-15 or RVE S-15 and TA and marked with arrows placed on inlet and return. The handle is marked with TA and usually looks like a china hat. The thread of the insert is M18x1.5. NOTE - For proper operation, existing valve housings are required to be in undamaged condition and the accompanying instructions are followed. The function cannot be guaranteed in the case of deviating valve designs, incorrect installation, insufficient heat capacity or other conditions we cannot control.

Max operating temperature °C 100
Connection dimension M28x1,5
Pressure rating PN10
Material Brass