3-way control valve EDVH
Motorized 3 way valve

3-way control valve EDVH

Three-way valves EDVH is used to mix or distribute flow to heating and cooling systems. For example air conditioners, coolers, underfloor heating, cold room or cold dishes. EDV/EDVH is a three-way valve with intermediate EPDM rubber spool.
At both end positions, the cone closes the flow completely against the respective port. The valve is made of dezincification resistance brass and has no surface treatment. EDVH 15 has external thread G1/2”. EDVH 20 has external thread G3/4”. EDVH can be controlled with a capillary thermostat or with a actuator.

Max operating temperature °C 100
Connection dimension M28x1,5
Pressure rating PN10
Material Brass