Heliuz Strip
Ceiling heating and cooling systems

Heliuz Strip System

The hydronic Heliuz strip radiant ceiling system is an economical heating and cooling solution for industrial halls, warehouses, sport halls and similar projects, where investment and operating costs play an important role.

The radiant heat emitted by the Heliuz strip ceiling panels reaches by walls, floors and all objects. The heat bounces from all surfaces, so areas that are in the shade is receiving heat due to radiation bounces of all areas. A pleasant feeling is created on the skin, even if the actual air temperature is lower. This can result in high energy savings compared to conventional fan heaters or "radiator" systems.

The modular design is the ideal solution for any installation situation. By connecting the ceiling tiles with crimp connections, it is possible to assemble tiles over strip lengths of 70 metres

Heliuz strip panels are made from 100% recyclable materials.

Max operating temperature °C 70
Pressure rating PN16
Material Several materials
Standard colour White RAL 9016