Here you can read about heating and cooling solutions in renovation projects. Do you have electric heating, hydronic radiator heating or underfloor heating? Purmo has practical and energy efficient solutions for different types of houses and interiors. Find a renovation solution that suits your heating and cooling system and heat source. Get inspired by our renovation tips!
protect the climate

Stop climate change - reduce CO2 emissions

Heating renovation can make a significant contribution to saving CO2, in order to achieve national climate protection goals and stop the climate change. We at the Purmo Group have developed a select range of solutions to renovate and transform the existing building stock that meet the energy requirements for low-energy buildings, deliver and the best indoor climate comfort at a very attractive cost for the residents.

Plan Ventil Compact panelradiator i svalt sovrum.

Re-sizing radiators in the system

Resizing radiators in the system – In the energy-efficient renovation of buildings, the thermal insulation and the airtightness of the building envelope, including windows and exterior doors, are improved to almost meet the requirements of new construction.

Sizing of products
Hydronic heating
Renovation farmhouse

Renovation of old farmhouse

The fact that energy-efficient solutions are possible in old buildings is evident from the sustainable renovation of the 100-year-old farmhouse in the Netherlands. A complete heating solution from Purmo was used during the renovation.

Ulow E2 hallway

Successful refurbishment with low temperature solution

A successful case study from Germany shows how households can dramatically reduce their energy costs in one fell swoop with the help of the expertise of Purmo!

Underfloor heating
Reduce footprint

Checklist radiator replacement

Flat panel radiators with a flat front have rightly become the standard solution for renovations. The modern radiators are powerful, inexpensive and available in many sizes and colours. There is a choice of several designs for the front surfaces. Furthermore, there may be special requirements for radiators. The adjoining table shows different requirements and their solutions in private homes for radiator replacement.