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Selecting the best radiators for every application: a complete checklist

Radiators remain a popular choice to heat all kinds of buildings, even now that low temperature heating systems have become more prevalent. Choosing the best radiators for any given application results in more indoor climate comfort as well as higher energy efficiency. If the radiators then also match the interior, they can really give the room the finishing touch it needs. In our comprehensive checklist we provide an overview of the best radiators available for various settings and applications.
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Choosing the best radiators for any application

When choosing a radiator, the first thing to consider is what type of building and then, more specifically, what kind of room it will be used in. Not all radiators are suited to every application or room so that will already narrow down the options. In hospitals and medical centres for example, hygiene is an important factor to consider, whereas in hotels the focus is more on experience and finding a fitting solution for the constantly changing temperature requirements. Even within the same building different radiators can be required for different rooms. Consider, for example, underfloor heating and a towel warmer in the bathroom, a designer radiator in the entryway and low temperature radiators to create a comfortable warmth in the kitchen and living room.

Of course then there is also the consideration of a new build vs. a renovation project. Finding the best radiators is also linked to the building envelope, the available or planned heat source, the possibly evolving needs and habits of the occupants, etc.

Different types of radiators

To suit various applications and rooms, many different radiators are available. At the highest level, you can already distinguish between hydronic, electric and dual fuel radiators but within those categories there are still various options to consider. To help you see the forest for the trees, we have created a clear chart that matches different types of radiators to different applications.

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As you’ll see, we have not only listed the best types of radiators per application but also the solutions we offer in every case. Furthermore, a concise description, reasons for use, design info and indication whether the type of radiator is suitable for low temperature systems is included. Feel free to download the file for future reference.

The best radiators for ever style

Selecting the best radiators for your application will help to optimise the heating system, creating a high level of indoor climate comfort and energy efficiency. To ensure that the type of radiator you select also complements the interior, we offer radiators in various designs, dimensions and colours. Ranging from traditional white panel radiators and towel warmers to modern vertical radiators and eye-catching designer radiators, there is a match for every style and need.

Tinos H Purmo designer radiator bedroom

Dimensioning the radiators

Once you’ve selected the type of radiator you want, it’s vital to match it to the room’s heat demand and choose the right size radiator for the space and system temperatures. This will not only help to ensure indoor climate comfort, but also reduce energy wastage and save money on bills. Our heat output calculators are great tools to help you do this. We have a configurator for hydronic radiators and a heat output calculator for electric radiators.

Find out more about these tools

In larger rooms you might want to combine multiple radiators to ensure adequate heating. This will allow for the selection of more compact versions and will distribute the heat in the large space more evenly. In such a case, you just need to ensure that the total heat output of all the radiators matches the room’s heat demand.

The best radiators are part of a system

While selecting the best radiators for any given application is very important, it’s even more important to integrate them in a well-functioning system. Only by aligning the emitters with the heat source and the controls, will you be able to create an optimally functioning heating system that combines indoor climate comfort with energy efficiency.

At Purmo we strongly believe in creating and providing complete solutions rather than just components to ensure a better integration. So if you are unsure about the best heating and cooling solutions to pair with the radiators you’ve selected, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts. We are happy to help you create a future-proof system that will offer sustainable indoor climate comfort for years to come.

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