Towel warmers geared for your comfort

The Purmo radiators bring function and fashion to your bathroom, with gorgeous modern design and heating options that include towel warming and drying. They are designed to look great and be easy to use.

With our wide range of horizontal bathroom radiators and designer towel warmers, we can help you find the perfect heating solution for your needs, whether it’s a dedicated towel warmer or a full-fledged room radiator that doubles as a towel dryer. What's more, an optional heating cartridge lets you enjoy your preferred level of comfort at every time of the year, including the transitional time between seasons.

The latest in bathroom design trends

In the bathroom, design and functionality play a very special role, and your stainless steel towel warmers should fit in with that, offering everything from towel preheating to drying and cleaning.
We keep an eye on the latest home and lifestyle trends, so that we can develop of-the-moment designs that are as diverse as our customers' needs.
This is how we create bathroom radiators that are functional, fashionable, simple to use, and stunning to look at.

Towel radiator installation

When you install your bathroom radiator, it’s important to follow the safety regulations and instructions.
For installation, use only the supplied fixtures and accessories or those recommended by the manufacturer. It’s also important to check the condition of the wall where the radiator will be located before beginning installation.

FAQ towel warmers

  • 1. Where can I find technical details regarding connection and installation dimensions of
    bathroom radiators?

    You can find all relevant connection and installation dimensions on our product pages or in our technical documentation.
  • 2. Are bathroom radiators also available in other colours?

    Purmo radiators are available in a wide range of colours. There is a suitable colour option for every interior. The standard colour is RAL 9016 white, other RAL and sanitary ware colours as well as special finishes are available on request depending on the product and product group.
  • 3. Can I also connect my bathroom radiator from above?

    This is only possible with the standard 4-connection towel warmer “Flores”. Only this one is equipped with a plastic riser pipe. For this purpose, the radiator must be rotated through 180° and the riser pipe connection connected to the return pipe.
  • 4. Can I operate a bathroom radiator in the summer or between seasons with
    the central heating switched off?

    This is possible with almost all bathroom radiators. We offer optional self-regulating PTC heater cartridges with different heating capacities and installation accessories. If the radiator is also to be used for room heating, we offer suitable programmable wireless control sets. These comply with the Ecodesign Directive. The heater cartridges may only be used if the radiator is integrated into a hot water system.
  • 5. The supply temperature of my heat pump is max. 35°C. Which bathroom radiator
    can I use at this low temperature?

    At this low water temperature, a hydraulic radiator is no longer appropriate, as almost no heat output is achieved. In this case, the ideal solution is a purely electric radiator that can be programmed according to the periods of use. We offer a wide range of different designs and dimensions. The radiators are pre-filled with a water-glycol mixture, are function-tested and come ready for use with the supplied installation kit.
  • 6. What are the ideal dimensions for a bathroom radiator?

    To dry towels, select the largest and most user-friendly model. However, the dimensions are dependent upon the available space. If the bathroom radiator is also intended to heat the room, the necessary heat output requirements must be observed.
  • 7. How do I calculate the heating load for my bathroom?

    You can use the output calculator to estimate the heating load for your bathroom and select a suitable bathroom radiator.
  • 8. Are there any care instructions for bathroom radiators?

    Clean the radiator with a damp cloth and commercially available, non-abrasive cleaning agents. To dry wet towels, the radiator should always be in operation.
  • 9. Where is the best place in the bathroom to install my bathroom radiator?

    To make it easier to thread in the towels, the radiator should be mounted at a user-friendly and easily accessible height. There should be a distance of at least 60 cm between the radiator and other sanitary installations such as WC or shower, in order to prevent corrosion.
  • 10. What material should my bathroom radiator be made of?

    Coated metal is the ideal material for heat transfer, durability and robustness. The surface should be smooth to avoid dirt or lint adhesion and to enable easy cleaning.
  • 11. What should I do if a bathroom radiator does not heat up fully?

    All radiators should be bled at the beginning of the heating season. If this is not successful, the reason could be a lack of hydronic balancing or because the supply temperature is too low. In this case, please contact your specialist tradesman.