TP Flex distributor
Valve tails and tail nuts

TP Flex distributor

Thermopanel Flex is a separate connector to enable central connection of radiators. NOTE - Thermopanel Flex is available in both right and left versions. Delivered as standard in 2-pipe version. The standard radiator bracket must be used, extra distances not necessary. ADJUSTMENT 2-PIPE / 1-PIPE The distributor is switchable between one- and two-pipe systems and equipped with 2 pcs M22 x 1.5 external thread for inlet and return. The cone of the valve base is set with a 2.5 Allen key mm. With the 2-pipe setting, it is completely screwed in and the hole is then covered with a blue plastic stopper. To change to 1-tube remove the blue plastic plug and then screw the cone out. Unscrewed 4.5 turns, the relative radiator flow becomes 35%. After setting to 1-pipe, the hole in the cone must be covered with a red plastic plug to indicate 1-pipe design.

Max operating temperature °C 90
Connection dimension M22x1,5
Pressure rating PN10
Material Brass