Environmental Product Declarations

Environmental Product Declarations or EPDs provide comparable, objective and third-party verified data related to a product's environmental performance.

European policies are increasingly focussing on the environmental impact of products. This impact has rightly become an important factor in the buyer decision process as people and businesses want to understand how the products they buy affect the environment. Environmental Product Declarations or EPDs are a great tool for this as they help to make more conscious choices.

Environmental Product Declaration

An EPD covers all phases of the product life cycle and provides transparent, objective and third-party verified data related to a product’s environmental performance. Using dedicated software, we are able to make reliable life-cycle assessment calculations for all our products, which are then converted into EPD certificates after the information has been verified by an accredited third-party certification body.

EPDs for Purmo's heating and cooling products

Our aim to provide an EPD certificate by default for all our new products launched from 2025 onwards. In the meantime we are working hard behind the scenes to collect EPDs for our existing products. For example, Environmental Product Declarations are currently available for our 33 mm steel panel radiators, PE-RT and PE-Xc pipes. These can be downloaded in the EPD Hub library. Although, developing an EPD is a process that requires time and resources, we remain committed to these environmental certifications and will regularly update our list of certified products.

Our 10 commitments

We have set up these 10 commitments as our reference points along our journey to integrate sustainability in every part of our business.

Emissions and energy - Purmo Resource efficiency and waste - Purmo Responsible sourcing - Purmo Climate-smart choices - Purmo Circularity and end of life - Purmo
Diversity, equality and inclusion - Purmo Engagement at work - Purmo Employee upskilling - Purmo Health and safety - Purmo Community engagement - Purmo