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Proud of our group-wide ISO 14001 environmental management certification

Our customers rightly have high expectations from us. At Purmo Group we aim to meet these expectations and set ourselves the highest standards every day. Those are reinforced by the ISO certifications obtained in our various plants. One certificate we are particularly proud of is the ISO 14001 for environmental management systems. This reinforces our sustainability efforts and provides our customers with guarantees that offer piece of mind.
ISO 14001 environtmental management certification

ISO 14001 certification

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for environmental management systems (EMS). Like other ISO standards it was developed by the independent International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). ISO 14001 offers a framework for organisations to design and implement an EMS, and continually improve their environmental performance.

Environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001 is based on the application of proven management tools. According to this standard an EMS comprises the organisational structure, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources necessary to identify, manage and influence an organisation's environmental impacts and to improve its environmental performance. The main objective of environmental management is to minimise environmental impacts, increase resource efficiency and promote environmentally friendly practices in business processes.

In practice, there is a lot involved in attaining the certification, ranging from compliance with environmental laws and regulations and assessing environmental impacts to identifying risks and opportunities and training employees in environmentally friendly practices. “The ISO 14001 challenges us to get better every year and continually optimise environmental management across all our departments and plants. Everyone within Purmo Group contributes in one way or another and it’s great to see the result of all those efforts”, says Carina Schnellinger, Health and Safety Manager at Purmo Group.

Benefits of ISO 14001 for our customers

We are particularly proud to confirm that all our plants are ISO 14001 certified. This provides our customers with the guarantee that we deliver on our promises, regardless of where or which particular product they buy. Thanks to our group-wide ISO 14001 certification we are able to offer piece of mind with benefits such as:

  • Legitimate sustainability: a lot of organisations talk the talk when it comes to being environmentally responsible but not all of them actually walk the walk. Our ISO 14001 certification is proof of our daily commitment to sustainability in every part of our business.
  • Excellent price-quality ratio: implementing an efficient environmental management system helps manufacturers like Purmo Group to remove waste from production processes and reduce the use of raw materials. This also entails a reduction in some costs, allowing us to maintain very competitive prices and guarantee our customers good value for money.
  • Doing business with ease: the ISO 14001 certificate confirms that we do business in standardised ways which all live up to the ISO’s requirements. So regardless of the plant or division that our customers are in contact with, they can expect a standard-compliant exchange, which allows all parties to do business with ease.
  • Product longevity: the new ISO 14001 lifecycle perspective standards aim to maximise a product’s useful life and guarantee that it’s disposed of ethically and effectively at the end of its life. This means that products from an ISO 14001 certified company generally contain more recycled raw materials and ethically sourced materials. Additionally, the products have an extended lifecycle and an end-of-life recycling scheme is in place. All of this is beneficial for our customers, but also for theirs as they can pass on this benefit to the end user as well.

For more information about Purmo’s journey to a better future and our particular focus areas, we are happy to refer to our sustainability section. Should you have further questions about our ISO 14001 or other certifications, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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