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Investing in automation solutions to further reduce our footprint

Embracing automation solutions to further reduce our environmental impact is a cornerstone of our commitment to reducing our company's carbon footprint - a primary objective among our four key goals. Constantly seeking avenues for improvement, we collaborate both internally and with professional partners to achieve this mission. A significant stride in this direction has been made in the UK, where we have adopted Esker's Order Processing Automation using AI technologies. This strategic move has rendered order printing obsolete, resulting in the preservation of over 50 trees in the past two years.
Automation solutions Esker Myson

Automation solution for electronic document delivery

A pivotal component of our automation strategy involves electronic document delivery. In the past, orders and confirmations were routinely printed and processed. However, leveraging modern technology and AI solutions like Esker's enables us to transmit documents electronically, enhancing the efficiency of our order processing. This approach is not only more streamlined but also provide digital storage and retrieval for both our customers and internal teams.

50 trees and counting

The impact on our environmental conservation efforts is quantifiable and impressive. The decision to integrate automation solutions stems from a commitment to significantly reduce paper usage. David Smallbone, Service Manager at Purmo Group UK, underscores the success of this initiative: "Over the past two years of utilizing Esker in the UK, we have spared the need to print approximately 432,000 pages. When considering that a single tree yields 8,616.42 A4-sized papers, our efforts have translated into saving over 50 trees. This doesn’t even take into account the removal of postage and the hundreds and thousands of road miles. This accomplishment is a source of pride and will only continue to grow, particularly when combined with other initiatives like our paper-free deliveries."

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