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Proud to offer paper-free deliveries

At Purmo Group we are always looking to improve our customer experience, as well as looking at how we can reduce our impact on the planet. At our UK site this has resulted in the introduction of paper-free deliveries. Digital delivery processing is another important sustainable step forward as it provides us and our customers, as well as the environment with various important benefits.
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Sign-on-Glass helps ensure smooth deliveries

Along with our UK logistics partner XPO we introduced Sign-on-Glass, an electronic proof of delivery or ePOD technology. This has allowed us to go paper free for all deliveries in the UK. With this solution we are able to pre-advise, capture order delivery signatures and images in real time. The ePOD technology also ensures that any discrepancies, exceptions or evidence of damage are documented by the drivers at the time of delivery, helping to reduce invoice discrepancies and speed up any claims.

Going paperless for the planet

Going paperless also helps us to take another step forward on our sustainability journey. By opting for a digital proof of delivery instead of paper, we contribute to the reduction of deforestation, waste and CO2. Since the start of this project we have saved an average of 23,918 pages every month, which amounts to about 287,020 pages per year.

“A remarkable figure that contributes to our efforts in doing the right things, by reducing our carbon footprint and fostering a positive environmental impact. Just a few months into the project, we are already witnessing compelling evidence that innovation and strong partnerships can indeed drive meaningful change. This only fuels my determination to continually enhance both our customer experience and the sustainability of our products and solutions,” says David Smallbone, Service Manager at Purmo Group UK.

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