Radiator valve Evofit FVRF
Radiator valve Evofit FVRF
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Radiator valve Evofit FVRF

The FVRF/FVVF thermostatic radiator valve is used in heating and cooling installations.
FVRF/FVVF is used as a separate valve.
FVRF/FVVF can be fitted with a thermostat or an electrical actuator.

The FVRF/FVVF thermostatic radiator valve is pre-settable for precise balancing.
The pre-setting is concealed.
FVRF/FVVF is adapted to modern installations and is suitable for heating systems.
FVRF/FVVF is equipped with quick couplings, and fits copper and PEX.

Max operating temperature 90
Connection dimension M28x1,5
Pressure rating PN10
Material Brass