Hotwater circulation valve Evotemp
Hotwater circulation valve Evotemp
Thermostatic Water Temperature Control Valve

Hotwater circulation valve Evotemp

Area of use
Thermostatic balancing valve Evotemp F is used as a temperature control valve in district heat exchangers.

The Evotemp F has an integrated insert that senses the temperature of the water passing through the valve.
Depending on the setting (25-50°C), the valve closes when the water has reached the set temperature.
Evotemp F valve is connected with G 3/4″

Note! The pump must withstand that the hot water circulation valve Evotemp closes completely for periods.

Max operating temperature 90
Connection dimension G20
Pressure rating PN16
Material Brass
Datasheet Evotemp F Technical data sheet
Datasheet Evo Temp Technical data sheet