Refurbishment Valve Fellingsbro
Refurbishment Valve Fellingsbro

Refurbishment Valve Fellingsbro

RFA 470, 490, 530, 550 replace Fellingsbro TKM and M68 c / c35 1- or 2-pipe valves bottom-coupled.
The valves can be regulated with thermostat or handwheel M28x1,5.

The RFA valve has a hidden preset under the stuffing box. Adjustment of 2-pipe system is done with key FN2. Presetting of the flow (1-pipe) between radiator and by-pass is done with FN2.
Unscrew the number of turns specified in the radiator flow table 1-pipe.
The valve is delivered with 1/3 flow to the radiator and 2/3 in the loop.
The valve is adjustable from 1- to 2-pipe. The valve is connected
M22x1.5, M18x1.5, M21x1.5 or M24x1.5 against the pipe system.
The connection to the radiator is G3 / 4 ”.
The return of the valve is closed with a spindle under the lid and the inlet is closed with a thermostat or handwheel.
When switching off the radiator return, the bypass is not closed.

Max operating temperature 100
Connection dimension M28x1,5
Pressure rating PN10
Material Brass