Oil filled radiators

Oil filled radiators

Oil filled radiators are electric panel radiators filled with vegetable, environmentally friendly oil. When the radiators are heated, they emit natural radiant heat. They have an electronic thermostat with an accuracy of 0.2 °C.

The panel radiator range has been tested for energy efficiency and complies with European CE marking and ECO Design directive. The electric panel radiators have a modern design and a wide range. Wireless control via the Unisenza+ gateway is available as an accessory.

Oil filled electric radiators

Oil filled electric radiators are a popular choice among property owners who are looking for an efficient and easy-to-control system to heat any and all spaces in a private or commercial building. The standalone units ensure a great flexibility and ease of installation, while the digital precision thermostat allows for a high energy efficiency and low-cost operation on a daily basis.

How does an oil filled radiator work?

The electric heating element inside an oil filled radiator heats up the surrounding vegetable oil, which in turn heats the metal surface of the electric radiator. The warmth emitted by the heated surface radiates into the room to warm the surrounding air. On top of radiation heat, an electric radiator also emits convection heat as cold air enters at the bottom of the radiator and is heated up as it moves across the warm metal and then rises to allow more cool air to flow through.

Long-lasting warmth

Oil filled radiators are excellent at retaining heat, which means you need less energy to keep a room warm over a longer period. When you switch off the electric radiator, the fluid inside will cool down slowly and in the meantime the radiator will continue to release warm air into the room. This way both energy use and running costs are minimised. All of the energy you do use is directly converted into heat so that oil filled electric radiators are 100% efficient at point of use.

Electronic thermostat

All of our oil filled electric radiators comply with the Eco Design directive aimed at reducing energy and resource consumption. To this end our electric radiators are equipped with an electronic thermostat with an accuracy of 0.2 °C. Because the thermostat is so precise, the room doesn’t get overheated. This means energy is not wasted and your bills are kept as low as possible. The precise temperature control combined with the long-lasting warmth turns an oil filled electric radiator into a very efficient heating solution.

Low maintenance

Already from the very start, oil filled electric radiators are very user-friendly and require little maintenance. They don’t need to be bled or topped up with oil, so as soon as you switch on the radiator, it’s ready to go. Electric radiators also don’t have any pipes that need to be maintained. A simple damp cloth and some pH-neutral soap is all that’s needed for a quick polish of the radiator from time to time.

Added value

Are you looking for an oil filled electric radiator with just that little extra? Then our electric oil filled vertical design radiators are exactly what you need. They all come with a wall-mounted wireless remote control so that you can easily control one or more radiators and programme them in multiple positions.