Manifolds and Mixing units support

At Purmo we are just as dedicated to creating innovative indoor climate comfort solutions as we are to offering the best possible customer service. That’s why we’ve created this knowledge base to provide you with easy access to all support materials related to the Manifolds & Mixing units range.

Underfloor manifolds connect the individual heating and cooling circuit in a system. They enable proper hydraulic balancing of circuits, the circular display of flow rates and the attachment of optional components and accessories, such as heat meter mounting kits, actuators and fixed valve control sets.

Mixing units supply radiant heating and cooling systems with the required amount of water at the required temperature. Regulation is set with a fixed value or influenced by the weather. Depending on the type, mixing units can be supplied centrally or de-centrally for mounting directly on the manifold.

Premium line manifold - Video

Tempco Fix - Video