Purmo radiators are warranted for a period of 10 years* from date of purchase against all manufacturing defects when they are used in normal conditions and for a heating system with hot water. The warranty does not apply to defects caused by installation or handling errors, misuse or factors external to the radiators, such as water quality or oxygen-permeable pipes.
*6 years for galvanized radiators and 2 years for all electronic and electric components and spare parts sold separately (side covers, top grilles, plastic clips, plugs, air vents, fixing parts).

Terms of Warranty

Purmo radiators and convectors*

PURMO radiators and convectors are marketed and made available pursuant to the Construction Product Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down harmonized conditions for the marketing of construction products.

Purmo Group (hereinafter the Warrantor) gives 10 years warranty (from date of purchase) for PURMO non-galvanized radiators and convectors, yet no longer than 11 years since the production date given on the product. For galvanized radiators, with additional anti-corrosive protection, the warranty is for six (6) years, yet no longer than seven (7) years since the production date given on the product. For spare parts sold separately (side covers, top grilles, plastic clips, plugs, air vents, fixing parts) and for electric and electronic components the warranty is for two (2) years, yet no longer than three (3) years since the production date given on the master product.

The warranty is granted under the conditions laid down in the warranty document provided at the purchase of the device, provided that the product has been purchased from an authorized distributor of Purmo Group or its contracting partner, in the sales area dedicated to this distributor. Terms and conditions of the warranty may vary in detail depending on the region or country where the device is purchased.

The purchase of the product beyond the area in which the authorized distributor conducts its authorized sales, or product’s assembly in such area, excludes the liability of the Warrantor arising from the granted warranty.

The warranty is valid for radiators and convectors mounted in hydronic installations of the central heating system, where access of chemically free oxygen is prevented:

  • in closed system with an expansion tank;
  • powered from district heat centre, combustion boiler or heat pump;
  • pipework made from black steel / copper or plastic pipes with an anti-diffusion barrier;
  • equipped with local air vents (no central vent system is allowed); and
  • used for heating in normal indoor environments that are neither exposed on pernicious corrosive substance activity nor permanent or temporary moistness of the radiator surface.

The warranty is recognized when:

  • there is an evidence of purchase, that is the invoice or receipt;
  • the radiators and convectors have been mounted in hydronic central heating systems in compliance with the national technical regulations and standards and taking into account the limitations set forth in paragraph 5. below;
  • adhering to the requirements of the Warrantor included in “Terms and conditions of Purmo radiator and convector usage” or local manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions provided at the purchase of the device; and
  • claimant’s prior performance of any and all its own obligations.

Maximal operating pressure in central heating installation with PURMO panel radiators shall not exceed ten (10) bars (six (6) bars for vertical radiators) and with convectors according to the pressure type five (5) bars or eight (8) bars. The maximal operating temperature is 110 °C.

In high and high-rise buildings a zone distribution system must be applied. The tightness test must be carried out at the pressure equal to working pressure in the installation, adding two (2) bars, yet not lower than four (4) bars.

The warranty does not cover radiators and convectors mounted:

  • in central heating installation connected to a high temperature heat distribution network through a suction elevator or pump mixing loop;
  • in swimming pool areas, car wash centres, laundries, slaughterhouses, public toilets, bathrooms or other rooms with high activity of corrosive substances in the air, as well as areas where the radiator or convector is exposed on permanent or temporary moistness, save for galvanized radiators, with additional anti-corrosive protection, for which the warranty period is as defined in paragraph 2 above;
  • in central heating installations connected with the water supply system without protective fittings, against backflows;
  • in central heating installation with water removed more frequently or for longer periods than advised in exploitation requirements;
  • in steam installations;
  • in central heating installations where the water quality rating level has been higher than advised, that is:

- the total amount of chloride and sulphate ions may not be higher than 150 mg/l (for installations with copper pipes not higher than 50 mg/l );
- oxygen content not higher than 0.1 mg/l;
- pH water reaction within 7.0 ÷ 10.0; and
- total water hardness not higher than 4.0 mval/l.

Moreover, the warranty does not cover galvanized radiators installed in saunas or similar spaces.

The warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear of a radiator, convector or their parts or damages to the radiator, convector or their parts (brackets, covers) that are due to improper handling, storage, transport or misuse. It refers, in particular, to radiators and convectors:

  • not stored or transported in dry conditions;
  • polluted from inside with solid bodies or noxious liquids;
  • deformed by excessive experimental pressure or static pressure in the installation, deformed due to freezing;
  • with mechanical damage, e.g. due to an overload as a result of sitting on the radiator or convector; and
  • with internal or external corrosion or deformation caused by excessive force or pressure.

The radiators and convectors must be mounted with the original packaging. The packaging must be left on the radiator and convector even if the central heating installation is activated for heating in buildings during finishing works or for drainage purposes. It is recommended to remove the packaging after accomplishing all finishing works.

Before the system’s start-up, the correctness of screwing the radiator and convector fixtures (air-vent, insert, plugs) as well as connection to the system should be checked for tightness.

The radiators and convectors require periodical cleaning. It is recommended to use only soft and gentle fabrics that can be slightly moistened. For cleaning the radiators and convectors it is not advised to use aggressive or corrosive agents (e.g. acidic solvents or agents with chlorine). Panel radiators cannot be used for drying wet or dump objects put on the radiator. Claims for damage of varnished surfaces to improper handling or maintenance will not be granted.

It is forbidden to remove the water from the entire radiator or convector installation or its part and to leave it in this condition. It also refers to new installations with the tightness test. If there is a need to remove the water, e.g. due to renovation or maintenance works, the water must be removed only from the given part. After accomplishing all works the installation must immediately be filled with water. Quantity of water used for the filling or filling up process must be monitored, e.g. by a water meter. The warranty is granted provided the device has not been repaired or modified by a buyer or third party without Warrantor’s approval.

Occurrence of faults within the warranty period is followed by a claim procedure by notifying the seller of the device about the damage in a special claim form including the origin and details of damage not later than one (1) month after fault has been discovered. The seller accepts the claim form and forwards it to the Warrantor via registered letter, fax or e-mail within 24 hours after it has been accepted. In case of incomplete data, the form shall be returned in order to be completed. The invoice or its copy shall be attached with the form. In specific cases the Warrantor may request a photo documentation of the claimed product. The Warrantor is obliged to reply for the complaint in writing within 14 days since a completed form was accepted.

In order to recognize the claim a visual inspection is performed by the Warrantor in the mounting area or other area determined by the Warrantor. The original packaging used for delivery must be kept for the inspection in case of a damage with mechanical origin. In specific cases (e.g. when the product needs to be sent from abroad) the Warrantor has the right to extend the deadline to recognize the claim that is normally defined up to 30 days.

If the claim has been recognized, the Warrantor shall repair or replace the parts or the device found to be defective due to improper manufacturing or material defects or exchange the radiator or convector into a new device that is free of defects free of cost. In case of damages that do not affect the radiator or convector functionality, a discount may be offered.

In case of the claim regarding a product, manufacturing of which has been ceased, the Warrantor will offer an equivalent device with similar parameters or a money back guarantee at the date of the purchase. The Warrantor does not deliver an alternative device for the time of claim recognition process.

The Warrantor has the right to select the method of claim settlement of the methods set forth in paragraph 11. In case the claim is recognized in the form of exchange, all mounting shall be delivered by an authorized Purmo service centre. In case any difficulties occur when mounting the exchanged radiator or convector, e.g. lack of valve for separating the radiator from installation, the service centre may refuse to disassemble or mount the new radiator or convector. As a consequence, the warranty claim is recognized as exercised by the Warrantor.

The warranty period shall be extended due to reparation time calculated since the date of delivery to the Warrantor to the reparation date. In case of exchange a new warranty period is granted.

The Warrantor reserves the right to make modifications to his products without prior notice unless they refer to any significant technical details affecting the process of selection.

The warranty does not provide for any costs or damages incurred from either personal or other accidents, damage to other goods, or loss of profit.

The warranty terms do not exclude, limit or suspend the statutory rights of the buyers.

These warranty terms are valid as stated since 01.01.2020.

*Convectors do not include fan-convectors. Spare parts, electric equipment, fans and motors 2 years of warranty.