Dry system insulation


Purmo ChipJet is a sub-floor 22 mm-thick chip board, with pre-cut channels for hydronic underfloor heating. The floor is installed parallel with the joists and can be joined between them, saving time and money. Purmo ChipJet works perfectly for parquet, laminate floors and tile, as well as linoleum or plastic flooring. Purmo ChipJet consists partly of chipboard with straight grooves, partly of turning boards that are positioned at the beginning and end of each length. Purmo ChipJet grooved and turning boards are used in combination with Purmo AluJet heat distribution plates and Pe-RT Penta 17 mm underfloor heating.

Material Particle board
Types System insulation
Heights [mm] 1220; 1820
Widths [mm] 595; 620

CE certificate